Live it Up your way

Who says being healthy has to be hard work?

Here’s to healthy living with the emphasis on living. What you eat should lift you up, not tie you down. Fitting into your day, letting you live your life your way.

Super made simple

Smart superfoods that taste great. We make it that simple.

Live it Up is not grown in a lab, it’s a celebration of real life: all-natural ingredients, made with organic vegetables, grown in real soil. We use science to bring you the best nature has to offer in the easiest way possible.

All the benefits of natural nutrition can be a choice, not a chore.

Healthy living is a journey we can all take. Come and take it with us.

Meet the Live it Up Team

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. So come by and say ‘hi’...

Haim Nigri

Co-Founder & CEO

Haim's passion to bring the abundance of fresh food found in his native Brazil to his busy new life in New York got us started on our superfoods story. A daily inspiration, if we could bottle his positive energy, we'd be billionaires!

Rachel Gargano

Chief Registered Dietitian

With almost 20 years of experience, Rachel is a nutrition expert who is passionate about helping people understand the dynamic interplay between food, health, and disease so they can reach their ultimate potential in health and wellness.

Kara Ramos

Customer Service

Kara finds great happiness in spending time with her family, sharing experiences, and strengthening connections. She embraces a genuine passion for health, and is committed to helping our customers thrive.

Luke Garlock

Organic Growth
Rooted in Colorado, Luke has always enjoyed what nature has to offer. At Live it Up he's helping others do just that, shaking things up with Super Greens, and helping people turn a new leaf on their journey toward healthier habits.

Matt Trexler


You'll often find Matt amidst nature, exploring new trails, and soaking in its beauty with his family. With a belief that meaningful change starts from within, he is passionate about helping others along their own paths to positivity and well-being, because life is about making every moment count!

Sophia Jin

Customer Retention

Sophia is a lifelong learner, who strives to be the best version of herself everyday. Part of that is learning how to better take care of her health through food, and spreading that knowledge to others!

Cameron Hurd

Software Engineering

Cameron has always understood the importance of good inputs—whether in nutrition or in software. He uses a knack for systems thinking to optimize for good health in more ways than one!