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Athletic Greens AG1 vs. Live it Up Super Greens, According to a Dietitian

Get an in-depth look at how these green superfood powders can supplement your diet, with Live it Up Super Greens offering a particularly effective formula.

In this article:
In this article:
Live it Up vs AG1 (Athletic Greens)

Starting the day with greens powder is an excellent way to foster better nutritional habits, but which one should you choose? Athletic Greens (AG1) and Live it Up Super Greens are two popular brands, each with a unique blend of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

As experts in nutrition and wellness, we’ll guide you through their ingredient profiles, possible benefits, taste, and cost, giving you an in-depth comparison of two of the best greens powders. While we ultimately recommend Live it Up Super Greens due to its effective formula and value, each brand has advantages worth considering. So, how do they compare? 

The Lowdown


Live it Up
Athletic Greens AG1
100% all natural ✓
Made with organic vegetables ✓
Wide variety of superfoods ✓ ✓
Probiotics ✓ ✓
Digestive enzymes ✓ ✓
Local sourcing ✓
Manufactured in the US ✓
NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registered facilities ✓ ✓
Third party tested ✓ ✓
Sugar free ✓
No stevia ✓
Caffeine free ✓ ✓
Non GMO ✓ ✓
Nut free ✓ ✓
Free shipping without any limitations or spend limit ✓
Money-back guarantee ✓ ✓
Live chat with a real person and responsive customer service ✓
Cost per serving (for the subscription) $1.33 $2.63
10% OFF with code:

What Is Athletic Greens AG1?

Athletic Greens AG1

Athletic Greens is a comprehensive greens powder supplement that contains over 75 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants. Athletic Greens claims to support digestive health, the immune system, and energy balance. 

Originally designed for athletes, AG1 places a strong emphasis on using high-quality ingredients and delivers several fruit and vegetable servings in one scoop. It’s an impressive greens powder, but it also contains stevia as a sweetener, which may be a concern for some, as well as green tea extract, so it’s not caffeine-free. 

Pros Cons
  • Contains over 75 ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Incorporates probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • May support stress management with adaptogens
  • NSF-Certified for Sport
  • Some users dislike the taste and grittiness
  • Contains stevia and caffeine
  • Expensive to use regularly, even with a subscription

Bottom Line: Athletic Greens is one of the most popular greens powders and has a robust ingredient list. It’s a good option for those who want a diverse blend of nutrients in one serving, but the price is steep.

What Is Live it Up Super Greens?

Live it Up

Live it Up Super Greens (formerly Ensō Supergreens) is an everyday greens powder with a blend of over 20 superfoods, dairy-free probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Despite the abundance of greens, Live it Up Super Greens still has a pleasant taste derived from peppermint leaf and monk fruit, leaving behind a slightly sweet and minty flavor. When used regularly, Live it Up Super Greens may support overall nutrition and wellness, including balanced energy, immune function, and gut health.

All of its ingredients are 100% natural, containing no sugar, caffeine, nuts, or artificial additives. Made in the United States, Live it Up Super Greens sources its ingredients from trusted farms worldwide and undergoes third-party testing to verify its reliability and purity.

Pros Cons
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, nut-free, and sugar-free
  • Made with organic vegetables and all-natural superfoods 
  • No synthetic additives, artificial sweeteners, or caffeine 
  • Affordable
  • GMP-Certified and third-party tested
  • Money-back guarantee and free shipping
  • Only available on Live it Up's website

Bottom Line: Live it Up Super Greens is our top recommendation due to its commitment to transparency, comprehensive nutritional benefits, and compatibility with various dietary preferences. Although it’s a comparable product to AG1, it’s a fraction of the cost and has a better taste.

Athletic Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Health Benefits

Athletic Greens AG1

Athletic Greens powder claims to offer comprehensive nutrition in only one scoop. This greens powder features a large number of diverse nutrients to help you sustain a healthy diet. Athletic Greens intends to support digestive health, balanced energy, and immunity. 

AG1 also claims to support a healthy metabolism and stress management due to its blend of adaptogens. Plus, if you are looking to boost your athletic performance, this proprietary blend claims to be especially effective due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, with several exceeding the daily recommended amount.

Live it Up Super Greens Benefits

Live it Up Super Greens' benefits revolve around three main goals:

Super Greens

Digestive Health 

A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body. Much of our nutrient absorption happens in the gut, but when the balance between good and bad bacteria is disturbed, we struggle to absorb nutrients and stay regular. Live it Up Super Greens includes probiotics and digestive enzymes that support this critical balance, aiding with digestion and nutrient absorption.

Immune System Support

Supporting immune health goes hand in hand with a happy gut. Many of our immune cells are found in the gut, and if their balance is off, you become more susceptible to viruses or other illnesses. With its inclusion of key vitamins C, D, and B complex, Live it Up Super Greens helps support your immune function and delivers essential nutrients your body needs. 

Energy Balance

Most of us live busier lives than ever before. Sustaining those requires a high amount of energy throughout the day. Few people are able to stop and take a nap simply because they have run out of fuel. Live it Up Super Greens may contribute to balanced energy throughout the day due to its high nutritional content, providing your body with natural ingredients so it can function at its best.

10% OFF with code:

Ingredients Comparison

If you are what you consume, then you need to make sure what goes into your body is only the best. Let’s take a closer look at the label to understand what ingredients go into these two supergreens powders so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens AG1 ingredients

Athletic Greens has one of the most complete supplement panels currently on the market, but it far surpasses the average person’s recommended daily intake of vitamins. Marketed toward high-performing athletes, it features multivitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and adaptogenic herbs on the list of ingredients.

According to the Athletic Greens website, its immune system support is based on a super mushroom complex (including reishi mushroom powder and shiitake mushroom powder) and includes a citrus bioflavonoids extract.

However, Athletic Greens is using stevia as a sweetener to make this greens powder more appealing and palatable to consumers. More importantly, because AG1 packs over 75 ingredients into their proprietary blend, you’re actually getting minimal quantities of each superfood ingredient in a single scoop, decreasing the likelihood of effective doses.

Live it Up Super Greens Ingredients

Live it Up Supergreens Ingredients

Live it Up Super Greens stands out among competitors thanks to its blend of nutrient-dense ingredients. Some notable superfoods include spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, nettle leaf, and burdock root powder. Live it Up Super Greens is made with organic vegetables and also contains 5 billion probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a generous serving of vitamins and minerals, equivalent to several whole fruits and vegetables. 

When you look at the ingredients, it is just as important to note what is not there. Live it Up Super Greens is gluten-free and dairy-free with no fillers, sweeteners, caffeine, or anything artificial at all. This dietary supplement is 100% natural and made in the USA from real food. Additionally, all Live it Up products are third-party tested.

Taste Review

Time to be honest—we all know that health benefits matter, but what about the taste? It is hard to build healthy habits with a greens supplement when you simply cannot enjoy your food or your dietary supplements. Of course, taste is subjective, but here are our thoughts.

Athletic Greens Taste

Drinking Athletic Greens’ earthy flavor can be a bit of an acquired taste for some users. Others found that they struggled to drink Athletic Greens because the powder did not fully dissolve, leaving a sandy texture behind.

Writing for Forbes, one recent Athletic Greens review found the drink to “taste gritty and not flavorful.” Based on the Athletic Greens reviews found on their website, another user referred to it as not delicious but not offensive, while others called it terrible. At the same time, plenty of users love the taste.

Live it Up Super Greens Taste

Greens supplements can taste good, and Live it Up Super Greens is proof of that—just reference hundreds of satisfied customers. This greens powder dissolves easily, creating a smooth green juice with natural flavors derived simply from its ingredients. It is sugar-free and tasty on its own, without the need for artificial sweeteners.

In addition, it is vegan and easily digestible even on an empty stomach. Because this green powder offers you a delicious way to start the day, it easily becomes part of a well-rounded diet.

Cost Comparison

Gut health support and healthy living overall are important. However, most of us need to watch our budget, too. Here is a closer look at the cost of these greens supplements.

Athletic Greens Cost

Athletic Greens is one of the most expensive greens powders currently on the market at a cost per serving of $2.63.

That may still be less than your favorite coffee, but it is a big difference compared to competing greens powders which cost half of that. Here are the details:

  • One-time purchase for $99 (the pouch) or $109 (travel packs) with 30 servings.
  • Single subscriptions (30 servings) receive a 20% discount and pay $79 ($2.63 per serving). 
  • Double subscriptions (60 servings) receive a 25% discount and pay $149 ($2.48 per serving). 

Athletic Greens offers a few perks to new greens supplement subscribers. They receive a free starter kit, including a jar and shaker, as well as five travel packs free of charge. However, no purchases (with or without a subscription) come with free shipping.

Live it Up Super Greens Cost

You can start to enjoy Live it Up Super Greens for as little as $1.33 per serving. Here are the figures:

  • One-time purchase for $59.99 with 30 servings. 
  • Single subscriptions (30 servings) receive a 33% discount and pay $39.99 ($1.33 per serving). 
  • Double subscriptions (60 servings) receive a 42% discount and pay $69.99 ($1.17 per serving).

Plus, you can benefit from free shipping on any purchase, adjust the delivery frequency, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Why Choose Live it Up Super Greens?

Live it Up Super Greens is a nutrient-dense, all-in-one supplement that has numerous advantages to support your well-being. It’s gluten-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and dairy-free, and there are no artificial colors, fillers, or sweeteners, making it entirely pure and natural. 

Live it Up Super Greens also tastes good. In fact, you can taste the goodness of all its natural ingredients with every sip and without the need to add anything else.

It is also a better value with free shipping, a satisfaction guarantee, and a low cost per serving compared to AG1. It may deliver comparable health benefits, including gut support, balanced energy, and immunity, and only has all-natural ingredients and no stevia. Live it Up Super Greens makes it easy to increase your vitamin and mineral intake (without overdosing on them), giving you the best of what nature has to offer.

Take your nutrition to the next level with a premium greens powder you can count on at a price you’ll love. Head to Live it Up and check out the ingredients, subscription options, customer reviews, and more.