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Beyond Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens (formerly Ensō): Which Greens Powder Is Best?

These popular greens powders each offer their own unique advantages. In this expert review by a dietitian, find out what sets Super Greens apart as the ultimate choice for those seeking a top-tier greens supplement.

In this article:
In this article:
Beyond Greens vs Live it Up Super Greens

A Quick Look

  • Live it Up Super Greens (formerly Ensō Supergreens): Best for Comprehensive Nutrition
  • Beyond Greens: Good for Mushroom Complex

While opting for a side of fries instead of a nourishing leafy green salad may seem tempting, these choices can have more significant consequences than you might realize. Not eating enough whole fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can lead to nutritional deficiencies, which can negatively impact your overall health.

Super green powders offer an easy and efficient solution for bridging the nutritional gap between what you currently consume and the nutrients you should ideally be consuming. However, with so many different options available, choosing one greens supplement to integrate into your daily routine is easier said than done. 

Two popular options available are Beyond Greens and Live it Up Super Greens. Live it Up Super Greens is a premium greens supplement with a wide variety of superfoods, including spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and more, which helps to support overall health. Beyond Greens is an organic blend of uniquely crafted superfoods that provide a daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

So which is better for you? In this article, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each greens powder to help you decide. Though my experience and research point to Live it Up Super Greens as the better option for its potent formula and benefits, I’m confident you’ll find the best fit for you.


Live it Up Super Greens
100% all natural ✓ ✓
Made with organic vegetables ✓
Wide variety of superfoods ✓
Probiotics ✓ ✓
Digestive enzymes ✓ ✓
Local sourcing ✓
Manufactured in the US ✓
NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registered facilities ✓ ✓
Third party tested ✓ ✓
Sugar free ✓ ✓
No stevia ✓
Caffeine free ✓ ✓
Non GMO ✓ ✓
Nut free ✓ ✓
Free shipping without any limitations or spend limit ✓
Money-back guarantee ✓ ✓
Live chat with a real person and responsive customer service ✓
Cost per serving (for the subscription) $1.33 $2.33
10% OFF with code:

What Is Live it Up Super Greens?

Live it Up Super Greens

Live it Up Super Greens is a high-quality super greens powder that contains 20+ superfoods designed to help support your overall health, including your digestive system, immune system, stamina, and mental health. It is free of gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, nuts, and non-GMO. Plus, it's made with organic vegetables and 100% natural and whole food sources. It tastes sweet and delicious without any artificial sweeteners or fillers.

Furthermore, it includes digestive enzymes and probiotics that provide additional gut health benefits. Live it Up also offers a great price point, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping with a significant discount for subscribers, which helps them stand out from the competition, too. All of Live it Up’s products are also made in the USA under GMP guidelines and third-party tested for purity.

What Is Beyond Greens?

Beyond Greens

Beyond Greens is a blend of organic and natural ingredients that are designed to support a healthy immune system, gut health, and energy balance. The blend includes echinacea, rhodiola, milk thistle, probiotics, and four varieties of mushrooms, including lion’s mane and reishi. It also contains matcha green tea for energy. Beyond Greens is gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan.

One of the major benefits of using Beyond Greens is its really small serving size. The product contains only 3.8g of ingredients, making it more affordable than other similar products. Beyond Greens is also made in the U.S. under strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards and is third-party tested. 

However, the product does not feature a diverse array of ingredients, and there’s no information on its website disclosing which vitamins it includes. Customers should also note that the product contains stevia and a small amount of caffeine from matcha.

Beyond Greens vs. Live it Up Super Greens Benefits

Both Beyond Greens and Live it Up Super Greens offer a range of possible health benefits based on their unique formulations and nutrient profiles. In this section, we’ll explore the diverse ways these powders contribute to our overall well-being.

Live it Up Super Greens Benefits

live it up super greens

If you're looking for a product that offers organic vegetables, dairy-free probiotics, and digestive enzymes and is made from real food that’s gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, caffeine-free, nut-free, non-GMO, then Super Greens is the right choice for you! 

Its ingredients are 100% natural, without any fillers or artificial sweeteners. Super Greens is a great solution for those looking to support their:

  • Digestion & Gut Health: Super Greens contains 5 billion CFU probiotics and digestive enzymes to help break down food, generate nutrient absorption, help with bloating discomfort, and aid with overall digestive health.
  • Immune Function: Super Greens is packed with antioxidants that help support the immune system and immune resilience. 
  • Energy Balance: Super Greens is a great source of vitamins and minerals to help balance your energy levels throughout the day. Several ingredients included in the blend, like peppermint leaf, are shown to aid with daytime fatigue
  • Weight Management: Super Greens may help you feel fuller longer, which can help curb cravings and support weight management. The inclusion of kale powder in the blend is particularly beneficial. Kale is high in water and low in calories; it is also packed with fiber, which will help you feel fuller for longer and may prevent overeating.
  • Nutrient Intake: Super Greens is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for overall health and wellness, as well as immune system support.
  • Focus: Super Greens is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals that can help improve cognitive function and mental clarity. For instance, the presence of spirulina in the blend may help support mental focus due to its rich content of amino acids, including tyrosine, which is involved in the production of neurotransmitters associated with cognitive function and alertness.
  • Recovery: Super Greens may help with inflammation and speed up recovery time after workouts. Key ingredients like dandelion leaf contain compounds such as polyphenols, which may help with the reduction of inflammation in the body.
  • Hair and Nail Health: Super Greens is a great source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin E that can help with healthy nail and hair growth.

              All these benefits in just a single scoop of Live it Up Super Greens!

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              Beyond Greens Benefits

              When choosing a supplement, it's important to consider what your health goals and priorities are. Beyond Greens provides support for overall well-being by aiding in maintaining a healthy immune system, supporting digestive health, and helping provide energy balance. Beyond greens can help those looking to support:

              • Gut Health: The ingredients in Beyond Greens are specifically chosen to support gut health. The probiotics, along with the four varieties of mushrooms, can help digestion, support regularity, and aid with inflammation.
              • Immune Function: Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy for immune system support. It's believed to assist in maintaining immune resilience, and adding milk thistle and the four varieties of mushrooms can further support the immune system.
              • Energy Levels: Beyond Greens contains matcha, an ingredient that is believed to naturally contribute to energy balance. The addition of rhodiola may help with fatigue and exhaustion, as well as mental focus and clarity.

                  Beyond Greens vs Live it Up Super Greens Ingredients Comparison

                  Let's examine some of the key ingredients within each product to determine how they compare to each other. By comparing these important components, you can determine which product may be better for your needs.

                  Live it Up Super Greens Ingredients

                  Here are some of the most beneficial ingredients included in the Live it Up Super Greens formula: 

                  • 5 Billion Vegan CFUs of Probiotics: Probiotics are commonly used to help with digestion and support regularity, and they are also known to support symptoms of certain mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, stress, and memory. 
                  • Spirulina: Spirulina is rich in protein, essential amino acids, minerals, carotenoids, and antioxidants. It also offers various health benefits, including helping with the reduction of inflammation. 
                  • Chlorella: Chlorella is another nutrient-dense freshwater algae packed with beneficial nutrients, including protein, vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin C. It is known for its ability to support the body’s immune system.
                  • Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that are readily absorbed by the body. Scientific studies indicate that the proteins found in wheatgrass may have the potential to support immune health while also aiding energy balance.
                  • Nettle Leaf: This superfood is packed with vitamins A and C and also offers anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting benefits. It’s been shown to help with the symptoms of seasonal allergies and muscle pain.
                  • Burdock Root: Enjoy the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, along with the other incredible health benefits provided by burdock root. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals to fuel your body with natural nutrition.

                  Super Greens is also:

                  • Gluten-free
                  • Vegan
                  • Made in the USA
                  • Third-party tested
                  • GMP (good manufacturing practice) Certified
                  • Sugar-free
                  • Caffeine free
                  • Nut-free
                  • Non-GMO

                  Beyond Greens Ingredients

                  Beyond Greens Ingredients

                  The Beyond Greens formula features ingredients specifically chosen to support various health benefits, including four varieties of mushrooms, echinacea, rhodiola, milk thistle, probiotics, and matcha. As part of a healthy diet, Beyond Greens may help support a healthy immune system, energy, and digestion.

                  • Mushrooms: Powdered mushrooms are included in Beyond Greens to provide a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. Some of the most powerful ones included are organic turkey tail mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, and organic lion's mane mushroom.
                  • Echinacea: Echinacea supports the body’s natural defenses, helping to reduce inflammation, support immunity, and help with digestion.
                  • Rhodiola: Rhodiola helps support mental clarity, energy balance, and general health.
                  • Milk Thistle Seed: Milk thistle seed helps to support the liver, helping to promote overall health and well-being.
                  • Probiotics: Probiotics are added to Beyond Greens to help aid digestive health and balance.
                  • Matcha: Matcha powder is a strong green tea that helps with energy balance, mental clarity, and liver health.

                        Beyond Greens vs Live it Up Taste

                        If you want to successfully integrate a super greens powder into your daily routine, it’s crucial for you to enjoy the flavor and overall consumption experience of the product. Even the best healthy eating habits need to have the right balance of taste, too. Here’s what you need to know about the taste of Live it Up Super Greens and Beyond Greens. 

                        Live it Up Super Greens Taste

                        Because Super Greens is made with all-natural ingredients, it does not taste artificial or bitter in any way. With peppermint leaf and monk fruit extract, the blend's natural flavor offers freshness and a hint of sweetness without any artificial additives or sugars. Customers love that it doesn't have the signature grassy taste that many other green powders have, and it's extremely dissolvable, so you can easily mix it with water, juice, smoothies, and more.

                        Beyond Greens Taste

                        Beyond Greens has a milder, more earthy taste. It blends well with other flavors, so it's easy to add to your favorite smoothie or shake. It is sweetened with stevia, but it's not overly sweet. Some customers have noted that it can be a bit too sweet, but overall, people are happy with the taste.

                        Beyond Greens vs Live it Up Super Greens Cost

                        Price is also an extremely significant factor for a green powder supplement that's soon to be a staple in your pantry. In this section, we will compare the two products to help you determine which would be better for your budget.

                        Live it Up Super Greens Cost

                        A one-time purchase of 30 days of Super Greens will cost about $59.99. It's significantly less expensive, however, if you subscribe to save 33%. This subscription discount means a 30-day package costs only $1.33 per serving. Live it Up also offers free shipping to all customers regardless of subscriber status, plus a money-back guarantee.

                        Beyond Greens Cost

                        Beyond Green's one-time-purchase option costs $39.99, which is also $1.33 per serving, but its subscription discount lowers the cost to $31.99 per container. However, Beyond Greens only offers free shipping to subscribers.

                        Why Choose Live it Up Super Greens?

                        Why Choose Live it Up Super Greens?

                        When it comes to picking an excellent greens powder, Super Greens offers a wide range of potential health benefits and is made with only the highest quality ingredients. It contains vegan probiotics, digestive enzymes, and nutrient-rich superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, nettle leaf, and burdock root. It's also free of sweeteners, unlike many other green powders such as Beyond Greens, and contains organic vegetables and only natural ingredients that are third-party tested for GMP certification.

                        Super Greens stands out from the competition with its superior taste and its many discounts and offers. Subscribers get a 33% discount, plus every customer receives a money-back guarantee and free shipping.

                        Overall, Live it Up Super Greens is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality green powder with a great taste and numerous potential benefits so they can start living a life of health and vitality.