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Are Green Powders a Waste of Money?: A Dietitian Weighs In

When there isn't enough time in the day to get the nutrients we need, are greens powders worth it? Learn how they may help and why Super Greens could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Are Green Powders a Waste of Money?: A Dietitian Weighs In
In this article:
In this article:

If you’re here, you already know that a daily dose of greens is vital to maintaining a healthy diet. But, with a busy lifestyle, that’s not always possible. Many health gurus suggest that the answer is in greens powders, but are they really worth the price?

The short answer is, yes, they absolutely can be if you choose the right one! This article will lay out the facts about greens powders that you need to know to make an educated choice on which greens powders are right for you, as well as answer some FAQs and introduce the best ingredients according to our research.

The Bottom Line

  • What are greens powders? Greens powders are powdered superfoods that you can scoop into your drink in the morning to boost the intake of vital nutrients that might be missing from your diet. 
  • Are they worth the price? It’s often cheaper to buy greens powders rather than buying their ingredients separately. And with greens powders, you know that you’re receiving the right amount of macronutrients.
  • What are the benefits? Greens powders are a quick and simple way to help support energy, aid digestive health, support your weight loss efforts, and more. 
  • What is really in them? Every brand varies, but this article will tell you what ingredients to look out for and which to avoid. Generally, greens powders contain superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to fill the gap in your daily health and nutritional requirements. 
  • How much do greens powders cost? The market is vast, and many variables will affect the cost of specific brands. If you’re looking for something that works, it’s important to consider the quality and sourcing of ingredients as factors of price. Generally, it's on a scale of $20 up to $90 per 30-day pouches.
  • Do greens powders really work? There is proof that greens powders may positively affect physiological health. But, of course, those results will vary from person to person and product to product. Understanding what your body needs is the first step.
  • Can you drink greens powder every day? Greens powders are typically meant for daily consumption and make a great addition to water, juice, or a smoothie. That is why taste might be something you’ll want to consider when making your choice.
  • Which greens powder is the best? Live it Up Super Greens is our top pick for a greens powder worth the money. That said, this article includes an in-depth breakdown of these questions so that you have the information you need to make the choice that fits your lifestyle.

What are Greens Powders?

Most greens powders are nutrient-dense, water-soluble powders containing superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to improve nutrition and wellness. These greens powders have become a staple of healthy lifestyles over the last decade, claiming various nutritional benefits such as supporting gut health, immunity, and daily energy.

What to look for: When choosing a greens powder, it's critical to look for one that contains properly sourced and third-party-tested ingredients that will support your wellness goals. 

What to avoid: You should avoid greens powders containing fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives such as sugars and sweeteners that can add harmful effects.

The best greens powders can help you meet your daily nutrition requirements while promoting various potential health benefits.

Are Green Powders Worth It?

In our expert opinion, yes! But when it comes to deciding what’s best for your health, start by considering your current lifestyle and nutritional gaps. If you struggle to get your daily fruit and vegetable intake or want to promote overall health, greens powders can be beneficial if you choose the right brand. They are a simple way to meet your nutritional goals, and when considering the potential long-term benefits of properly sourced ingredients, some are well worth the cost.

For example, Super Greens can help aid your body’s natural defenses, contribute to energy balance, and support digestive health by providing various nutrients. Plus, it tastes great and has only 31 calories per serving with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

However, not all brands offer the same level of quality and value. Always check the nutrition label, company reputation, manufacturing practices, and potential health benefits when looking for the best greens powder for you.

What are the Benefits of Green Powders?

Our bodies are complicated machines that require all separate systems to work correctly if we want to maintain overall wellness. Greens powders contain essential nutrients that can offer numerous advantages to help support your overall health. Greens powders are frequently created to help support the following areas: 

Gut Health

Probiotics and digestive enzymes are ingredients found in any high-quality greens powder. These components can aid regularity, helping to prevent common stomach discomfort. Probiotics also can help balance your stomach flora, supporting your digestion, immune system, and your body's natural processes.

Balanced Energy Levels

Greens powders may help maintain your energy levels in many ways. For example, the green vegetables in these powders may balance iron levels and prevent deficiency—a common cause of low energy. This daily boost has antioxidant properties, which promote proper physiological function.

Additionally, the best powders avoid both caffeine and added sugars that can spike energy but lead to crashes. Instead, products like Super Greens are made with the all-natural nutrients your body needs to stay strong all day.

Weight Management

When your body is getting what it needs nutritionally, you're less likely to feel like engaging in unhealthy eating habits. These superfood ingredients also provide the body with essential nutrients that can support healthy metabolic maintenance and balance the hormones related to weight management. 


Inflammation is not just a key component of everyday aches and pains; it's also linked to severe conditions. Greens powders usually contain ingredients like ginger with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. 

Hair, Skin, and Nails

Greens powders contain nutrients that support your overall health, including skin, hair, and nails. By maintaining a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory and free-radical fighting ingredients like spirulina, you may notice a better complexion, stronger nails, and shinier hair with less hair loss.

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What Ingredients Are in Green Powders? 

While many components may be similar, each brand of greens powder will have different ingredients. The following are some of the top ingredients in greens powders.


Greens powders often contain a variety of superfoods, including chlorella, kale, barley grass, ginger root, leafy greens, wheatgrass, seaweed, and others. Superfoods are high in nutritional value and have numerous purported health benefits.

Super Greens is made with organic vegetables and only uses all-natural, non-GMO superfoods, making it a natural and convenient way to get your daily greens in a single scoop.

Enzymes and Probiotics

Digestive enzyme complexes and dairy-free probiotics are found in the best greens powders and support digestive health. Enzymes like papain or bromelain aid in the body's digestion, metabolism, and cellular health, and probiotics promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. Super Greens contains three powerful types of digestive enzymes and over 5 billion CFUs of probiotics.

Natural Sugar Substitutes 

Natural flavor enhancers, such as monk fruit or stevia extract, are found in several greens powders. Some greens powders have a natural and earthy flavor that these ingredients can help mask. Super Greens contains no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, and the addition of peppermint leaf imparts a refreshing mint flavor.

Vitamins and Minerals

Because of its nutrient-rich ingredients, a healthy greens powder blend provides a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals. Super Greens, for example, is high in vitamins A, C, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, and iron. These vitamins and minerals can assist your body in feeling and performing at its best throughout the day.

Not all greens powders contain these elements, so you must compare brands and find the one with the best nutritional components for your needs.

Super Greens

How Much Do Green Powders Really Cost?

Cost is a valid concern when choosing a nutritional supplement to gauge its sustainability in your diet and in your pocket. Using a greens powder daily can add up financially, primarily when the product doesn't provide results in line with its price. 

If you're using a greens powder, you're probably concerned with full-body health. Many greens powders advertise as a full-spectrum solution for better health, yet not all address each wellness area. This means that if you're purchasing a greens powder that skimps on its ingredients, you will spend more on other dietary supplements to make up for what it lacks.

We can't have a conversation about the cost-benefit balance of greens powders without talking about the cost of fruits and vegetables themselves. While no professional suggests you use a greens powder to replace all your whole fruits and vegetable intake, you can certainly use them to make up for nutritional gaps. 

If you were to eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables in equal amounts and quality to what you get from a daily greens powder, you might pay around $5 to $10 per day (depending on where you live). That adds up to over $100 per month. 

And that's not even counting the extras that a good greens powder has that whole fruits and vegetables alone do not, like herbs, algae, seaweed, and probiotics. These items can be challenging to find at the average grocery store, not to mention pricey.

So, if you're wondering are greens powders a waste of money, the answer is no. However, some greens powders are better than others. Let's look at some of the choices on the market, compare what they offer, and narrow down the best product for the dollar. 

GoBiotix Greens and Reds Super Food - $27.97

This product is touted as an alternative to juicing fruits and vegetables and cooking complicated, healthy meals. It contains probiotics, digestive enzymes, and the usual nutrient-dense green vegetables like spinach, kale, and parsley. On the downside, it is somewhat limited on ingredients beyond the standard greens. 

KOS Show Me the Greens! - $28.04

This greens powder supplement is another standard greens mix that has the addition of alkalizing fruits and vegetables. It also has a fresh green apple taste with sweetness provided by monk fruit extract. The drawback is that this product contains no probiotics. 

Amazing Grass Green Superfood - $45.99

This classic has just the basics: powdered greens and superfood ingredients. If you purchase this product, you will likely have to buy separate supplements to support digestion, hormone balance, and other needs. That adds up quickly! 

Hum Raw Beauty Vegan Green Superfood - $39

Hum's product is a nice blend of greens, herbs, and adaptogens to aid energy and vitality. It's advertised as a product that promotes beauty and energy and is aimed mainly at female customers. While it has many good ingredients, it lacks a probiotic. 

Including a probiotic in one's daily diet is vital for aiding product absorption, immunity protection, and mental health. Plus, probiotics can be expensive when purchased on their own. Including one in a greens powder blend is essential for it to be a product that's worth the money. 

Super Greens - $59.99

Super Greens

Super Greens is a great example of well-balanced nutrition with probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins, and made with the organic vegetables your body needs at only $1.33 per serving. The product is GMP-Certified and third-party tested, so you can rest assured that their manufacturing standards are delivering only the highest quality. All customers receive free shipping, and subscribers enjoy an incredible 33% regular discount, bringing the cost down to roughly $40 per month.

Do Green Powders Even Work?

Having a high-quality, complete greens powder in your health arsenal can make a positive difference in your life. 

Most people who start on greens powders begin to see results in about two weeks and consistent full results in one or two months. If you're trying a new greens powder, give yourself ample time to judge its effectiveness. Consumers have reported a broad range of positive results from greens powders.

How to Pick the Best Green Powder

If you have ever looked into trying greens powders, every company promises that their product will transform your health and your life. Unfortunately, those promises can sometimes be empty. The proof is in the ingredients. Ask yourself if the product you're considering has the following: 

  • Superfoods and organic vegetables
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • No added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or additives
  • Ingredients that promote activity without caffeine
  • Allergen friendly
  • High manufacturing standards and third-party testing

Final Thoughts

Get the greens powder that's worth the investment! If you're still asking, “Are greens powders a waste of money?”, consider looking for a powerful blend like Super Greens to boost your day and doesn't hurt your wallet.

Live it Up creates greens powders designed to aid your physical and mental well-being. Our Super Greens blend of 20+ all-natural ingredients may support digestion, stress relief, immune function, focus and energy, weight loss efforts, and more.

The formula, which is made with organic vegetables and nutritious superfoods, is non-chalky, easy to blend, and has natural enzymes from fruit. It’s manufactured in the USA in GMP-Certified facilities and thoroughly tested to ensure quality. You won't find any sweeteners, artificial colors, or artificial flavors with Live it Up—just a well-rounded greens powder supplement that checks all the boxes.

Read more about this extraordinary product and consider trying the Super Greens powder worth every dime!


Here are some frequently asked questions about greens powders.

Are greens powders as good as vegetables?

While it’s always best to consume whole fruits and vegetables, greens powders can help fill in the gaps in your diet. These blends have many of the same nutrients that fruits and vegetables have, and sometimes more because of the added herbal extracts, algae, and grasses.

Are greens powders safe?

There may be rare cases where a person is allergic to any ingredient in a green powder or where someone uses vitamin-rich supplements to excess, causing health problems. But aside from that, greens powders are generally considered safe and healthy for most individuals when used as directed.

Can greens powders replace meals?

Greens powders are low in calories, so they don't make a suitable meal replacement on their own. If you want to turn your greens powder into a meal, you can create a delicious smoothie by adding milk, juice, nut butter, protein powders, and other additions. 

How much money am I saving by getting greens powders?

That varies a lot from person to person. It depends on your nutritional needs and the cost of fresh fruits, vegetables, and vitamin supplements where you live. A safe estimate is around $100 per month, but it could be much more for some.


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