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How to Make Greens Powder Taste Better: Our Top 15 Methods

If you don’t like the grassy and green flavor, we’ve got solutions. Discover 15 ways to improve the taste of greens powders with this actionable guide.

how to make super greens powder taste better
In this article:
In this article:

Super greens powders offer a wealth of nutrients and can make a great addition to one’s diet, but the flavor isn’t for everyone. After all, they’re loaded with several, if not dozens of, plant-based greens. However, you don’t have to sacrifice taste when incorporating a greens powder into your daily routine. 

While we think our super greens powder, Super Greens, has a pleasant flavor on its own, we understand some people may want to spruce it up or improve the taste of another brand. That’s why we’ve devised 15 ways to make super greens powder taste better, all designed with busy lives and different taste preferences in mind.

The Bottom Line

  • What is a super greens powder? - Super greens powders are natural dietary supplements that help you easily incorporate necessary nutrients into your everyday meals. 
  • How to make greens powder taste better - A super greens powder can be enjoyable if you strategically add it to your favorite meals and beverages!
  • Get the Best Tasting Super Greens Powder - Super Greens makes merging greens into your diet a walk in the park.

What Is a Super Greens Powder?

Super Greens

Super greens powders, more simply known as greens powders, are natural supplements derived from real, whole food sources like leafy greens, spinach, seaweed, algae, and various other superfoods. Our product, Super Greens, is one example of a super greens powder, but you can find various other brands on the market. Each brand has different ingredients and purported health benefits, but the best super greens powders are designed to close daily nutritional gaps with all-natural ingredients.

15 Ways to Make Super Greens Powder Taste Better

Because super greens come in powdered form, they rehydrate and activate in any kind of liquid. It’s easy to incorporate into various recipes, snacks, drinks, and more. Here are the top fifteen ways to make super greens taste better: 

1. Try Different Greens Powder Bases

Super greens powders dissolve and mix well with juice, tea, smoothies, almond milk, and more. You can experiment with these drinks or try different greens powder bases, such as yogurt, to find your favorite flavor combination. Like a protein shake or any kind of nutritional beverage, there’s no one “correct” way to prepare it, so be creative and see what you can come up with. 

2. Mix with Soup

Soup is a speedy meal to make for lunch or dinner, and it takes less than a minute to add in your super greens powder when you make a broth of your choice. However, be sure to check if your super greens powder has any added sweeteners or naturally sweet ingredients to balance the flavor you’re going for. Additionally, be sure to add powder to your soup only right before serving, as extreme heat can denature the ingredients.

3. Add to Hummus or Pesto

Who doesn’t love a good midday snack? Preparing a light meal like pita chips with hummus mixed with your favorite greens powder is an easy way to add extra nutrition to an already delicious snack. You can also mix your greens powder into sauces like pesto or whatever you have in your pantry. 

4. Mix with Salad Dressing

You can spruce up any salad by adding greens powder to your favorite dressing. While you could add the powder directly to a fresh greens salad, we recommend you mix greens powder with the dressing first to rehydrate it. You can also toss the greens powder and dressing ingredients into a food processor for weekly prepping. 

5. Blend in a Smoothie

Blending the powder into a smoothie with delicious ingredients like berries and bananas is an easy way to integrate greens into your day. Handfuls of frozen baby spinach also make a great addition. Regardless of what you like in a smoothie, try adding a scoop of greens powder and see if the taste improves. 

6. Mix in Oatmeal

Mixing greens powders with oatmeal or cream of wheat makes for a balanced and delicious breakfast. Even raw honey, crushed dates, or fresh fruit will further enhance the taste of green powders.

7. Combine with Breakfast

Sprinkling greens powder in an omelet or eggs could go great with your morning breakfast. Packing the powder into several meals at once allows you to distribute it evenly, making the taste virtually undetectable. 

8. Bake a Treat

Baking the powder into sweet treats such as dark chocolate cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies without added sugars makes your super greens blend feel more like a reward! You can also add to homemade bread, cakes, or any other baking dish, or mix with a healthier version of frosting to top your treats! 

9. Create Capsules

Distributing super greens powder into daily capsules is perhaps the most foolproof method to avoid the taste, making them more like multivitamin supplements. You may have to use several capsules to get the daily recommended amount, so be sure to check the nutritional label before making them.

10. Use Natural Sweeteners

Adding natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup can help mask the taste without adding too much sugar. And if you prefer the taste of citrus, you can experiment with adding lemon or lime juice.

11. Add Herbs and Spices

Spices like cinnamon, ginger, or turmeric can enhance the flavor of your super greens powder and add an extra kick. You can also try basil or mint leaves for something extra refreshing on a hot day. 

12. Freeze into Ice Pops

After adding your super greens powder to your favorite smoothie blend or fruit juice, freeze the liquid into an ice tray or an ice pop mold. Once solid, you have a healthy and delicious treat to enjoy at your leisure that’s perfect for warmer days. 

13. Combine with Protein Powder

If you already have a favorite protein powder flavor, add super greens to your shake for added nutrition. This strategy is especially useful for athletes who drink protein shakes frequently and want a more convenient way to consume extra vitamins and minerals. Some super greens mixes, however, contain plant-based protein, so double-check the nutrition information to ensure you're getting the proper amounts.

14. Make a Savory Dip

Mixing super greens with Greek yogurt, avocado, low-fat cream cheese, or another base is an excellent way to create a delicious dip for vegetables or crackers. If your taste buds prefer something with extra spice, try mixing super greens with a green salsa for a healthy and zesty snack.

15. Get the Best-Tasting Super Greens Powder

Various greens powders are on the market, but only a handful taste good, and some contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. While you can conceal the flavor with other components, you're better off choosing something that doesn't need any more effort.

Super Greens is unique in that it contains over 20 superfoods while remaining refreshing and tasty. Even if you only combine it with water, you'll be astonished at how delicious the fresh mint flavor is and how simple it is to drink.

Taste the Super Greens Powder Difference

As the hype surrounding many green powders grows, many of the complaints remain the same. Super greens powders are a mixture of many different green vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, so the flavor itself may suffer a bit, depending on how much you like greens. 

We’ve compared a number of the top greens powders out there, and many consumers from competitor brands have more to complain about than just the bad taste. Customers have lamented that the powders have not given them the expected results while also being quite overpriced.

Other brands are not as forthcoming about their list of the ingredients in their super greens powders. Sometimes, the powders may clump up and struggle to dissolve when integrated with various liquids. Some may also not be dairy-free or have artificial flavors. Alternatively, our product, Super Greens, offers an excellent balance of nutrients and flavor.

Top Super Greens Powder Benefits

If you’re still on the fence about trying a super greens powder, we encourage you to take a look at how they may support your health. 

Aids in Digestion

Greens powders contain high levels of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as ingredients like kale that are loaded with antioxidants. Additionally, super greens powders like Super Greens often have probiotics and digestive enzymes, acting to support gut health and regularity. 

Supports Immunity

Greens powder ingredients such as ginger may stimulate appropriate generation of inflammatory markers, which help the body’s natural defenses operate. While there’s no single solution to enhance the immune system, focusing on a wholesome diet filled with nutrients may support immune function. Moreover, mixing super greens powder into chicken noodle soup or another natural remedy can add extra nutrients to help your body recover. 

Assists with Mood and Energy

Greens powders are packed with leafy greens that offer critical nutrients for the brain, including beta carotene, vitamin K, and folate. If you get into the habit of consuming a high-quality greens powder, you may feel a noticeable difference in how your body functions every day, but it’s important to remember it’s not a direct replacement for whole foods. Still, when your body has the right balance of nutrients, you’ll likely feel less weak and more equipped to take on the day.

Why Choose Super Greens

Super Greens can provide you with the necessary nutrients to help fuel your body with a natural yet pleasant taste. Super Greens uses plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients without artificial sweeteners or fillers. Our super greens may support:

  • Digestion
  • Gut health 
  • Immunity
  • Focus and energy
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Weight management goals

And because all Live it Up products are third-party tested with carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, you get only the highest quality nutrients nature has to offer. Here is an extensive list of everything that goes into the greens blend

Why Choose Ensō Supergreens

Final Thoughts

While super greens powders offer several potential health benefits and make it easier to bridge daily nutritional gaps, some don’t always have the most palatable flavor or texture. But like any other food, drink, or ingredient, everyone will have unique taste preferences and aversions, so there may be a tasty greens powder out there waiting for you to try it. 

Our customers generally enjoy the taste of Super Greens, as we’ve worked hard to develop a balanced and tasty formula. We encourage you to try it for yourself, but even if you’re not a fan, you can reference the methods we’ve covered to make it taste better. And since our super greens powder comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in ordering your first batch.

FAQs About How To Make Super Greens Powder Taste Better

If you’re still uncertain if super greens powders are suitable for you, consider these frequently asked questions.

How do you hide the super greens taste?

Effectively hiding the super green powder’s taste depends on your flavor preferences, but your favorite drinks or snacks are a great start! Foods and liquids with a more pungent taste than super greens powder would work best. Alternatively, find a blend that already has a delicious base so you don’t have to worry about “hiding” tastes. 

What can you put super green powders in?

Super greens powders can go into virtually anything consumable. You could put them in juice, plain yogurt, smoothies, tea, sauces, coconut milk, or any liquid you prefer. As long as the super greens powder has something to dissolve in, you can try adding it like any other ingredient. 

How do you mix super greens powder?

You can drink greens powder by simply adding and mixing with water. You’ll know it’s ready when the powder fully dissolves. You can also stir the powder with milk, coconut water, tea, orange juice, or any kind of liquid you prefer. 

Are powdered greens worth it?

Yes! It can be rather taxing to ingest all the proper nutrients every day, and a super greens powder makes it easier to do so. You’ll spend less time planning and more time consuming the necessary minerals and vitamins your body needs. 

How do you make green powder less gritty? 

If your green powder has a gritty texture, try using a whisk, shaker bottle, blender, or additional liquid to smooth the consistency. However, using a high-quality powder like Super Greens is the best way to achieve a smooth and consistent texture.


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